Blasted! I should have known. I was used to a nefarious end unwittingly.

I’ll start from the night before.

The Rogue had watch for the night. The sneak was Sneaked upon. The ranger, Ellem, found her unconscious with a poison dart sticking in her neck. Pygmys he said. I half excepted better from the Half Elf. She seemed competent enough, but I guess Pygmys are small enough to sneak up on anyone. I couldn’t just leave her in the jungle to be eaten by some vicious beasty. The group looked for the Pygmys, in vain, while the half orc and I made a stretcher to carry her on.

We progressed on threw the dead city, and came upon a alter of sorts. It was at the mouth of an over hang and was styled with the same lizard type structure and decor. A dead man was crushed just below the alter piece. He had one of the “companies” tokens to denote your group. Those poor people…. Anyways the gnome, being ever curious asked if I could give her a lift to see one of the gems set into a large statue. I obliged with a ruffle of her hair, which promptly turned different colors under my hand. As she climbed up the statue moved with a swiftness I did not expect from an immobile stone carving. She was knocked off as I was thrown across the hall and crashed into the picture of a lizard that served as a altarpiece.

I climbed up out of the rubble and charged at the now mobile statue. I didn’t expect to be able to damage it, but I couldn’t let it hurt my comrades. The Half-Orc served quite well, having destroyed one statue. As he proceeded to rampage towards the other the Sorcerer spoke up in a strange tongue. The statue paused, seemingly conflicted. The orc made short work of it. The gems, which was the gnomes original intention, seemed to serve as a puzzle. Well the alter piece was a puzzle first, accidentally being broken to shards. We deposited the correct eye, kept the other, so as no one else could use this temple for nefarious purposes, and recovered the other eye just as the door shut behind us.

We progressed threw the tunnles, and came upon a pit full of the dead. All adventures like ourselves….. Damnit I should have known from the beginning. All these people used and just thrown away like trash. These were good people. I wanted to recover any traces of their identities so as to honor their passing. It was decided they should be burned. I said prayers for each of them as they burned. A commotion from out in the hall led us into a chase that ended in a grand opening.

Seems a clan of lizard people were inhabiting the temple. They had a chieftain and a rather large lizardman as well. Brutus Immediately went for the big boy and I fallowed suit, knowing that he is strong but will need help against a foe as such. The sorcerer and the one that was always reading were engaging a spectral alligator. I did my best to defend my friends, but during the battle something seemed off. The Light was tugging at me strangely. It wanted to tell me something, but I could not hear. We finished off the Large one, just as the Ranger was pulling the arrow we received from his quiver. The Light urged me. As the shot was loosed I felt unease wash over me. Did the Light want me to do this, or stop it? The crystal, that we were employed to find, exploded. I was knocked unconscious as were all of my fellows.

We awoke in a “room” for all intents and purposes. It was an extra-planar space conjured to hold us. A man greeted us. Man is little befitting him. He as a demigod. He told us that by destroying that crystal a great evil was released upon the world. And it was my fault. This evil would run rampant and kill innocents because I couldn’t recognize the evil I was working for. Damn them. I will not allow Innocents to but hurt based on my actions. I need to become stronger to help my people.

The demigod told us the crystal shattered and threw pieces all over the world, and we would need to recover them. He opened a portal that led us close to a shard. The air that blew threw the magic rip in space was familiar. A person, a beautiful person, was standing at a crossroads as we fell from the portal. I smiled broadly as I recognized her. It was Jaina Proudmoore.


very good sir. 400xp

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