I [)on*7 F33l @uite 7he $ame

$omething f33ls 8roken… heRe*s wh4t I k3n f0r sur3. has a nice long drink of wine

This stretch of our journey started out rough right away. Maiko was found passed out and poisoned during the night. She had apparently wandered off and gotten herself attacked by some pygmies (we assume). After a small amount of time spent looking for them, with no luck at all, we decided to drag her through this with us anyways. Arthas and Karsa volunteered.

We entered a large chamber. After inspecting the corpse and the altar we found inside we were presented with a riddle. We were to show the eye of …-hic-… $om3 0ld li#ard guy… and I m3ssed up^… I 7h!nk… sip

After battling for a while, we realized too late that violence might not be necessary this time, as Karsa was so overcome with rage he couldn’t stop fighting to allow Brutus the opportunity for diplomacy. In the end we solved the riddle and we moved on to delve deeper into this dungeon.

?I feel $o $|CK.!!.-retches-
I*m remembering m0r3 n<>w… $o m@n’/ h4!!w4’/$… sip

Then there was the room full of pots, I was having fun playing warrior when the rest of the group decided to move on. We found a room full of bodies, and Arthas wanted so badly to help them all get their proper burials. Rather than watch him suffer and struggle more, I assisted Adrahm in burning them so that maybe their “souls” would be free at least. I was not being very patient. This place had me feeling uneasy, and just as I started to feel good about helping the dead, we were once again thrown burp into c0mbat}

WH’/ [) ! [) 7h3’/ W4N7 70 F!GH& S$S$S$s00o00 B4a…a..4.a.[)!!?! WH’/ !$ 3V3ryth$%A#4#*%^$#$&+=;:..,;’}
hic sip

Something is wrong. I’m sorry that keeps happening. I’m not making much sense…

We eventually pursued one of our attackers to a large chamber,. It appeared our journey would soon be at an end. The item we quested for was on one end of the room, but to our collective horror, it appeared time may be running out. A Cleric was casting a spell of some sort on the orb. As the rest of our party prepared for battle I decided to sneak away and see if I could reach the evil in the corner of the room before it was too late.

The fight was intense, I could tell by the roars I heard and the shuffling sounds of something reptilian mingled among the standard sounds of combat. Luckily at some point during all this it seems Maiko managed to recover and fight with the rest of the party. I was dismayed to realize that I was never going to be able to reach the orb in time and right as I was resigned to fight with my companions to what may be the bitter end, I heard Ellem loose an arrow. I heard it fly from behind me straight for the orb and my heart swelled as it shattered the awful thing.

…but then there was a terrible wind and the sudde-
\/\/R0NG?!?!?!!!! $0 \/\/90N@ * No0o0000OoOO)O!!!!!!
grips head, breathes deeply, sip

When I came to, I was in a strange room. The whole party was there with me, but still, I felt a complete emptiness. Not quite like something was missing more like… nothing had been there to begin with. It was then that I noticed the stranger in the room. His name was Gorion and he had much to tell us.

It seems our employers were less interested in what Gorion called the “Grobani Crystal” itself, and more interested in unleashing a great force of evil contained within it. The crystal was created by Thrane Morgan to trap the energy of Karevos Malevolence, and Grobani had been its keeper.

Now that we had destroyed it, the energy was free to spread it’s evil. It seems it would be our task to undo what we had started and regather the pieces of crystal to trap the energy again… hic I’m $car3d * 8u7 \/\/3 H4\/3 TU F!X Th!$

7H3*P4|N!! NnNNnNn0o ^ PL34$3 M4K3 !T St0o0st00SPpp-cough-$70P!!.;.‘[.’;.;[];[.;.;‘;.[];[;[].;’.]}M’/3’/3$8URN!![];[[‘.;’][]/‘.;$0*$!C|<*>:.’:>:;‘.’;.‘.;[;’:>:">{:{<<:



Spectacular! I could almost read it! MOAR! 350xp.

I [)on*7 F33l @uite 7he $ame

rad. that was very good

I [)on*7 F33l @uite 7he $ame
zane74 Parasaur

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