Thrane Morgan

Now deceased god of light and benevolence


Often described as youthful and marble-esque, Thrane Morgan’s last recorded appearance indicates he took the form of a titanic statue, striding across the battlefield of his minor plane while combating the armies of Karevos Malevolence.

Most recently, Thrane Morgan (or what is left of him) took physical form as the Grobani Crystal, a shield sized round gem that glows and fluctuates in bright white and dark reds.


There is little recorded on Thrane Morgan at this time. What is known, is that he was a minor deity of light and benevolence, who sacrificed his deity-hood in order to imprison the rampaging evil that is Karevos Malevolence. His sacrifice allowed Malevolence to be tapped within the Grobani Crystal, a physical manifestation of Morgan.

Thrane Morgan

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