Blasted! I should have known. I was used to a nefarious end unwittingly.

I’ll start from the night before.

The Rogue had watch for the night. The sneak was Sneaked upon. The ranger, Ellem, found her unconscious with a poison dart sticking in her neck. Pygmys he said. I half excepted better from the Half Elf. She seemed competent enough, but I guess Pygmys are small enough to sneak up on anyone. I couldn’t just leave her in the jungle to be eaten by some vicious beasty. The group looked for the Pygmys, in vain, while the half orc and I made a stretcher to carry her on.

We progressed on threw the dead city, and came upon a alter of sorts. It was at the mouth of an over hang and was styled with the same lizard type structure and decor. A dead man was crushed just below the alter piece. He had one of the “companies” tokens to denote your group. Those poor people…. Anyways the gnome, being ever curious asked if I could give her a lift to see one of the gems set into a large statue. I obliged with a ruffle of her hair, which promptly turned different colors under my hand. As she climbed up the statue moved with a swiftness I did not expect from an immobile stone carving. She was knocked off as I was thrown across the hall and crashed into the picture of a lizard that served as a altarpiece.

I climbed up out of the rubble and charged at the now mobile statue. I didn’t expect to be able to damage it, but I couldn’t let it hurt my comrades. The Half-Orc served quite well, having destroyed one statue. As he proceeded to rampage towards the other the Sorcerer spoke up in a strange tongue. The statue paused, seemingly conflicted. The orc made short work of it. The gems, which was the gnomes original intention, seemed to serve as a puzzle. Well the alter piece was a puzzle first, accidentally being broken to shards. We deposited the correct eye, kept the other, so as no one else could use this temple for nefarious purposes, and recovered the other eye just as the door shut behind us.

We progressed threw the tunnles, and came upon a pit full of the dead. All adventures like ourselves….. Damnit I should have known from the beginning. All these people used and just thrown away like trash. These were good people. I wanted to recover any traces of their identities so as to honor their passing. It was decided they should be burned. I said prayers for each of them as they burned. A commotion from out in the hall led us into a chase that ended in a grand opening.

Seems a clan of lizard people were inhabiting the temple. They had a chieftain and a rather large lizardman as well. Brutus Immediately went for the big boy and I fallowed suit, knowing that he is strong but will need help against a foe as such. The sorcerer and the one that was always reading were engaging a spectral alligator. I did my best to defend my friends, but during the battle something seemed off. The Light was tugging at me strangely. It wanted to tell me something, but I could not hear. We finished off the Large one, just as the Ranger was pulling the arrow we received from his quiver. The Light urged me. As the shot was loosed I felt unease wash over me. Did the Light want me to do this, or stop it? The crystal, that we were employed to find, exploded. I was knocked unconscious as were all of my fellows.

We awoke in a “room” for all intents and purposes. It was an extra-planar space conjured to hold us. A man greeted us. Man is little befitting him. He as a demigod. He told us that by destroying that crystal a great evil was released upon the world. And it was my fault. This evil would run rampant and kill innocents because I couldn’t recognize the evil I was working for. Damn them. I will not allow Innocents to but hurt based on my actions. I need to become stronger to help my people.

The demigod told us the crystal shattered and threw pieces all over the world, and we would need to recover them. He opened a portal that led us close to a shard. The air that blew threw the magic rip in space was familiar. A person, a beautiful person, was standing at a crossroads as we fell from the portal. I smiled broadly as I recognized her. It was Jaina Proudmoore.

I [)on*7 F33l @uite 7he $ame

$omething f33ls 8roken… heRe*s wh4t I k3n f0r sur3. has a nice long drink of wine

This stretch of our journey started out rough right away. Maiko was found passed out and poisoned during the night. She had apparently wandered off and gotten herself attacked by some pygmies (we assume). After a small amount of time spent looking for them, with no luck at all, we decided to drag her through this with us anyways. Arthas and Karsa volunteered.

We entered a large chamber. After inspecting the corpse and the altar we found inside we were presented with a riddle. We were to show the eye of …-hic-… $om3 0ld li#ard guy… and I m3ssed up^… I 7h!nk… sip

After battling for a while, we realized too late that violence might not be necessary this time, as Karsa was so overcome with rage he couldn’t stop fighting to allow Brutus the opportunity for diplomacy. In the end we solved the riddle and we moved on to delve deeper into this dungeon.

?I feel $o $|CK.!!.-retches-
I*m remembering m0r3 n<>w… $o m@n’/ h4!!w4’/$… sip

Then there was the room full of pots, I was having fun playing warrior when the rest of the group decided to move on. We found a room full of bodies, and Arthas wanted so badly to help them all get their proper burials. Rather than watch him suffer and struggle more, I assisted Adrahm in burning them so that maybe their “souls” would be free at least. I was not being very patient. This place had me feeling uneasy, and just as I started to feel good about helping the dead, we were once again thrown burp into c0mbat}

WH’/ [) ! [) 7h3’/ W4N7 70 F!GH& S$S$S$s00o00 B4a…a..4.a.[)!!?! WH’/ !$ 3V3ryth$%A#4#*%^$#$&+=;:..,;’}
hic sip

Something is wrong. I’m sorry that keeps happening. I’m not making much sense…

We eventually pursued one of our attackers to a large chamber,. It appeared our journey would soon be at an end. The item we quested for was on one end of the room, but to our collective horror, it appeared time may be running out. A Cleric was casting a spell of some sort on the orb. As the rest of our party prepared for battle I decided to sneak away and see if I could reach the evil in the corner of the room before it was too late.

The fight was intense, I could tell by the roars I heard and the shuffling sounds of something reptilian mingled among the standard sounds of combat. Luckily at some point during all this it seems Maiko managed to recover and fight with the rest of the party. I was dismayed to realize that I was never going to be able to reach the orb in time and right as I was resigned to fight with my companions to what may be the bitter end, I heard Ellem loose an arrow. I heard it fly from behind me straight for the orb and my heart swelled as it shattered the awful thing.

…but then there was a terrible wind and the sudde-
\/\/R0NG?!?!?!!!! $0 \/\/90N@ * No0o0000OoOO)O!!!!!!
grips head, breathes deeply, sip

When I came to, I was in a strange room. The whole party was there with me, but still, I felt a complete emptiness. Not quite like something was missing more like… nothing had been there to begin with. It was then that I noticed the stranger in the room. His name was Gorion and he had much to tell us.

It seems our employers were less interested in what Gorion called the “Grobani Crystal” itself, and more interested in unleashing a great force of evil contained within it. The crystal was created by Thrane Morgan to trap the energy of Karevos Malevolence, and Grobani had been its keeper.

Now that we had destroyed it, the energy was free to spread it’s evil. It seems it would be our task to undo what we had started and regather the pieces of crystal to trap the energy again… hic I’m $car3d * 8u7 \/\/3 H4\/3 TU F!X Th!$

7H3*P4|N!! NnNNnNn0o ^ PL34$3 M4K3 !T St0o0st00SPpp-cough-$70P!!.;.‘[.’;.;[];[.;.;‘;.[];[;[].;’.]}M’/3’/3$8URN!![];[[‘.;’][]/‘.;$0*$!C|<*>:.’:>:;‘.’;.‘.;[;’:>:">{:{<<:


Brutus Log 7

After getting the Book we ended up following the directional crystal that lead us into a reptilian temple. Of course on our way the rogue dropped his guard and got knocked out by some pygmies we assume. Thankfully the Ranger found him and we had to drag him around the temple till the poison wore off.

Once inside the temple area We ended up getting attacked by some reptilian stone pillars inside an entry chamber. After a bit of fruitless attacks I ended up asking him to stop and drop his sword in draconic. He seemed to react but got conflicted since the Barbarian was in some rage and couldn’t stop attacking until the foe had fallen. I was slightly saddened since the being could actually obey my orders, he could have been a helpful companion at least through this temple area. After getting some precious stones from the area we found they were actually keys needed for the doors past the entry chamber. The puzzle seemed fairly simple, The god watches you with only one eye at a time, use the gems as replacement for his eye and match the puzzle with what eye he currently is watching you with. One being red, the other white, seemed pretty simple for one to be the sun the other the moon. We put in the sun gem and the doors let us in. I brought the gem back to me just so the doors would close and no one else could follow us.

After getting in we wandered the halls following what seemed like some right pathways. Found some sort of sacrificial pit full of bodies. The room had a horrific stench of death and decay. The bodies were varied from a few days old to months if not longer. We did notice some of them were from adventurers on the same quest as us (Not really sure if that is a good sign or bad).

After setting the bodies on fire to at least let the spirits partially rest we heard some footsteps behind us. I tried to talk with them but they didnt want any of it and attacked. After defeating a few of them one started to run, I didn’t want to waste time and have him alert others so I gave chase. I hit him once with a magic missile but not enough to stop him. We lost him when he dropped down off a bridge into some water. I may be crazy, but not that crazy.

We decided to cross the bridge since that is where our directional guidance stone was pointing. It lead us into a very large theater type room. In there we saw some more reptilian creatures and across a giant chasm and broken bridge we saw the crystal we were after! The reptilian creatures started to attack us. Most of them were humanoid snake like as we have seen already, except one was dressed as some sort of priest and had magic, and another was close to 10 feet tall and looked like a walking crocodile. At this time thankfully the rogue woke up.

We fought them since they attacked first. Ghostly crocs were summoned, the barbarian roared and took on the big one. We damn near lost. In the corner of my eye I saw the ranger fire some arrow at the crystal and destroy it.

Things blew up, everything went dark.

I woke up in a room with the group and an old man talking. I was still a bit groggy but it seemed that the crystal was actually a prison for a god-like being and we ended up unleashing him and chaos across the world. Since we started this, looks like we are going to have to finish it.

Good thing I feel rested, stronger, and wiser. I feel like I could take down a dragon.

Ellem really did it now

As we broke camp we noticed that our rouge was missing. i found him “napping” under a tree. he was shot in the neck by a dart from what we suspect is a pygmy. We entered the temple with him in tow and came across a room with a pit full of corpses. Treading on the safe side we decided to set them ablaze instead of running in to them as undead. That attracted guards which led us to the the room where the crystal was. We encountered a berserker, a shaman, and a handful of lower guards. Over the abyss i could see our goal. a floating crystal with energy humming around it. Our barbarian started things off well enough. a mighty roar let the enemy know we came for a fight. While the battle started I ducked behind a pillar to ready my skill that i have been training on for some time. I like to call it the Gravity Bow. When i saw my chance i ducked out from behind the pillar and focused on what i thought was the biggest threat. The shaman was summoning some sort of alligator to attack us. I let loose a pair of arrows . One hit causing him to stager. My next volley hit the spot. The first arrow hit him hard. The next arrow sent him to hell. As I moved toward the abyss i could see and fell the temple falling around me. my allies were locked in battle, some fairing better than others. I knew that there was no way for me to cross the gap. The arrow i received was bouncing around my quiver asking to be shot. Our barbarian was down and our rogue was next it seemed.Time was running out and with that i let loose the arrow. it broke through a field protecting the crystal and found its way to the heart of that stone. As it broke the figure near the crystal screamed and a wave of light blinded me. Until i awoke in a dark room with my allies and the dark figure. As he told us the story of what had come to pass and what will be i found myself asking why. Why did he not ask us for help? Why did he not explain the situation? Knowing now that i unleashed a hell on all of our civilization that will kill thousands unless it is stopped makes me want to reconsider my choices. What was done can not be undone though. I must work to fix what is broken. not for me but for all the innocent blood that will be spilt if i do not.

Karsa's nap time

Asking Karsa to write about something that happened soooo long ago is unrealistic. I do seem to recall a cliff of doom, but other than that Karsa knowing Karsa some ass was kicked, some food was ate, and some laughs were had. Kara is starting to like this group. Together we seem to be able to conquer just about anything. However I feel a taste of change in the air. Something is coming and, unless we are able to stand together some of us might fall.


There were blood and guts. Giant oozing lizards. My egg is safe. We are on our way inside.

My head is fuzzy

It seems like ages since we traveled. I can barely remember what we did last. I remember a river, a mage pooing out of a flaming spider case, a evil city, some reptiles?, and a book that was like reptile monk stuff or something. Light grant me sight so I can remember more clearly.

In which Emanon tries to fly

What an interesting time I’ve had. After waking up in our little hut to discover our host had gone, I dug around for supplies. We packed up and left after Maiko tried to recover her weapon that was lost (no luck unfortunately). Our path led us to a ravine with an old bridge, which I of course passed without issue… the others though… oh my. Basically, after I went to the other side Maiko tried and the bridge went down. She made it over using some rope we’d secured, as did Ellem but Karsa and Arthas weren’t quite so… graceful. They fell in and were eventually dragged to safety.

We continued down our path until we discovered what appeared to be a large spider egg sac in a tree. I was NOT dealing with a million baby spiders so Arthas tossed me up there and I lit that sucker on fire. BOOYA! Then out pops Brutus, oh man, my bad. He seemed okay though, and we were very glad to have our party all back together. We continued following our path until we came across a Ziggurat.

I was raiding some of the huts in the area around a kind-of-mote with Meiko and we didn’t turn up a whole lot (other than this awesome rusty shiv, WOOHOO!). We had to cross the water and although there were some stones, I felt that it was time to fly again, so Arthas tried to throw me across. Bad plan. I splashed straight down into the water, and BAM angry lizards. They had us on the ropes for a bit (my plan of getting to shore and just ignoring them seemed to work fairly well, as the others handled things just fine) but in the end they were defeated. With any luck we may happen upon our crystal soon, that will be a good occasion for more drinks.

Brutus log 6

So after getting out from the spiders we walked for a while. Saw an interesting ziggurat that was in a huge magical area, made the wizard and I kinda sick just being in it. After leaving the area we came across an old town. Seemed to be abandoned for ages, probably last time there were dragons and werewolves freely roaming the area. Oddly enough the writing in the area was some ancient draconic that I kinda could read. Exploring the houses the little one found some old weapons and tools, but not useable. I would assume this place has been abandoned for 300 or more years. Following the main road of the area we found a pedestal with a book on it. We got to it after fitting some giant serpents, they had a good rip on me, but I lived thankfully. The book had been wrapped in what looked like some sort of reptile skin and had teeth sealing off the paper edges. Creepy. On the front written in the same ancient draconic like language it was asking for a blood sacrifice, figuring that I have draconic powers and am practically half dragon anyways, I cut my hand and gave it some blood. It opened and we found its a book for Sebekian warrior or something. I think this book might end up being related with why this town is abandoned

Brutus Log 5

So, some how while sleeping in the middle of the night I was kidnapped! I remember laying down for rest and felt an itch on my leg, after scratching it I passed out and slept better than I have since before leaving on this journey. I was startled awake when I found I had trouble breathing, but by then it was too late and I was already cocooned. I felt pretty drugged up, must have been some kind of poison keeping me sedated. Not sure how long I was out but I know when my companions found me I was a little delirious and really hungry. My companions didnt seem super excited to have found me so I must not really have been out long. Either way, it was strange and I am at least glad to be awake and moving around.


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