Sometimes even my own strength scares me! Haha! I can’t help but laugh knowing my story will be a great one.
Recently the group I have been gracing my presence with stumbled upon a most peculiar creature in the forest. It went by the name Barrett, and seemed to be a very rotund tanuki. Who was open to trade wares, and play some games of chance.
One of the other group members brought forth a mysterious stone that has been guiding us through the forest, and Barrett produced his own stone. Which just so happened to be the egg of a near by drake. Out of nowhere a thunderous roar seemed to shake the earth and a very angry drake ripped through the trees.
The attacks of this creature were deadly. I only just managed to dive away when it tried to breathe its heinous breath and dissolve me where I stood.
The rage took me.
The beast tried to flee from me into a near by lake, but the tight ass with the shield blew a giant gout of flame somehow, and evaporated most of the lake. With no where left to run the beast turned to attack. However due to a well cast DOOM spell by the wee drunk one the creature never stood a chance. I turned on the beast with my sword, and struck it with a mighty blow.
This creature was nothing, and would fall under onslaught of our band soon. The only question was who would strike the mortal blow, and in a most impressive display the sneaky elf jumped onto the beasts back and rode it into the ground as it attempted to flee.
HIZZAH! What a glorious battle!
Soon after the beast was slain the Tanuki magically reappeared, and the rest of the group set upon him with demands, and questions. I was more concerned with the food to be honest.
With a destination in sight, and a shiny egg in hand we once again were ready to set off.

Oh I almost forgot. Before we parted ways we played some games of chance, and took the round raccoon for all he was worth BWAAAAHAHAHA! Silly creature. No one beats Karsa. Witness!

This Forest is Wearing on me

We’ve been traveling threw this bloody forest to only a couple days and its wearing my nerves thin. Its the relentless parade of things that want to kill us. Light forbid me to get a fulls nights rest without a spider or goblin or something. Today it was a forest spirit. It seemed friendly enough, providing “food” and drink in celebration of some stone he stole, or shall I say, acquired. The gnome took right too him, alcohol of course. I tried to ask where he got said stone, which wasn’t a stone(of course), and he eluded the question until a bloody green drake swooped in and attacked. The stone, as it was, is one of the drakes eggs. The tanuki disappears immediately, we precede to stop the dragon’s rampage. I ate a very tasty pepper, that caused me to spit fire. Why wouldn’t it… The half elf almost died trying to ride the bloody drake, but got a wing off. Although the thing still got away.

On a positive note, the tanuki told us where a fellow who was carrying the gem we are looking for was going. Oh and I got a lot of money and a cool spear off him. He stopped soon after claiming to see some darkness in me, but I know he was just a sore loser. I’ll ask him if he knows anything about magical plagues before we depart. A spirit such as he must have some knowledge of them.

This forest is wearing me thin. I must pray to the light to give me the strength I need to complete this quest and be one step closer to saving my kingdom.

A Tanuki, Drakes, and Liquor, Oh My!
I need to hang out with fae more often!

So get this, we’re walking through these creepy, spooky, buggy, tragic woods when suddenly we hear a ruckus. After scouting ahead a bit, I found the COOLEST RACCOON EVER!! HE shared his drinks and food with us, and everything was fabulous (and giant!) until some poor drake attacked our party. Not cool. Apparently the raccoon (a tanuki named Barret) had done something to upset it, so he was off with a poof and we were left to try and resolve the situation. I did what I could to try and calm it down, but unfortunately the poor beast was way too upset to be reasoned with and we had to put it down. Maiko ended up shanking the poor dear in it’s eyeball and running it to the ground after it took off with her. The drake is still MIA and Maiko seems upset that it took her scythe with it, meanwhile I am very upset that my more peaceful plan of puking shrinking potion into it’s mouth and trying to trap it didn’t pan out. Also, since there was no corpse, I didn’t even get to test it and see if it would’ve worked.
After all that was said and done, we called Barret back out and exchanged information and goods. This tanuki loved him some games, so we played for a while and then he set up a camp for us. Unfortunately he wouldn’t be talked into traveling with us for a part of our journey, I will miss him so much DX ! He did give me a spiffy bracelet and I think I may be able to use it to contact him after this adventure is over, I would love to hold off some of my bleaching by spending time with such an interesting fae, talk about a party animal! It seems we will be continuing North in the morning.
~ Emanon Ymmud

Ellem hates bugs

The day was full of wander and bugs. Werewolf spiders and a swarm of ants. We were set upon by a werewolf spider and some of minions while were resting in our camp. We cleared them out easily enough although we were really unable to get much more sleep than that. As were were walking the next day we avoided a plant that seemed to be carnivorous. I somehow led the group in to a swarm of ants. Believe it or not that swarm of ants did more damage to us than group of spiders. Our fighters tried to crush them, our rouge hid in a tree, and our spell slingers were the only ones that had any real effect on them with their acid spells. Until that is I fumbled throwing oil on them and beat the shit out of them with my torch. Finally they went up in a blaze of writhing fire and we were done with bugs for the day. Fucking bugs.

All the days seem to meld together.

I’m not sure what day it actually is. Only fragments of memories flash through my mind. I remember an old man that was in trouble. There was a lot of blood and body parts; I hope they weren’t his. We went into a forest that the jewel was pointing us towards. We got lost for what felt like days, but maybe it was just to me. I started carving crude penis markers into the trees to help us navigate and to confuse anyone else that might come in after us. We eventually came across a pond. Some of the other wanted to go around, but a few of us want to get a closer look. Poisonous dart shooting frogs came out of the water, puffing up and then shooting the darts with better accuracy than a frog should have. My memory get’s fuzzy after that. I assume we won because I had some of the darts in my pack and some of group were talking about frog legs for lunch. I need to get a hold of myself. I hope I can stay in the right mind long enough to recall my journeys.

Rather Uneventful.

We made our way into the forest, a rather old forest. Reminded me of the forest around Gilnaes. Big dark trees, ominous feeling, etc. Anywhoo, we camped for the night just before entering. I had first watch and nothing happened. No wolf howls, raiders, anything. Rather boring. I did have a dream that we were under attack by goblins or something like that.

We moved into the forest and found a pond. The others were spell bound by it for what ever reason. I said lets go around, its not even that big. But no. So to prove a point I grabbed the sorcerers rock and threw it in. Nothing happened. That is until the blundering orc just ran up and started to attack the pond. …. This is why we won the war and why the orcs are in internment camps. So this disturbs the pond and its inhabitants. Giant damn frogs. They shot poisonous barbs. I would have been more help but the Gnome decide hay, lets play around in a cloud. That’ll really help. I couldn’t do much until the frogs were mostly dead. I ended up going around healing everybody. I don’t like this forest. I pray to the light that my fellows survive this trip.

Magical Musings, Arcane Apocrypha, and Other Findings - Part Three
Of Flora and Fauna

As expected, this forest is turning out to be quite perilous. Having only spent our first day here, we’ve already encountered a group of goblin tugs, though they were easily dispatched, and much more sinister pack… group? What do you call a collection of toads? Regardless, these fiendish creatures were quite dangerous. This groups collective curiosity may prove to be our downfall…

These creatures proved to be our toughest challenge to date. It astounds me that nature itself, not something more vile, guided them into such a twisted state. This will require further exploration in the future. For now, this encounter has left me in quite a state. The venom these creatures produced have caused some sort exhaustion that I must fight through. Thankfully my rest was well earned.

I have a feeling our time spent in this wood is only beginning, so I must prepare myself for further tests as we trek closer to our objective. Before I sleep however, I mean to collect some samples from this forest. I want to discern whether or not there are some ancient arcane influences in effect on the life in this area. Toads shouldn’t be that evil.


We had arrived at the edge of a great old forest. the kind that I tend to stay away from. You never know what old evils lay within but the crystal says that is where we must go so go we will. In the middle of the night we were set upon by a group of damned goblins. Weak minded pillagers thought they would make easy prey out of us but we proved to be more of a match for them. Even with their numbers.
As we walked through the forest I notice that there is some kind of web in the canopy. Looks too big to be from the run of the mill spiders so I am guessing that we will be hunted soon by this king of the old wood. A good hunter never leaves a trace. A great hunter knows when he is about to become prey.
We stumbled upon a curious natural bog of sorts. as we investigated the area and tried to lure out whatever was in the dark waters we were attacked this time by giant frogs shooting poison needles. Quick thinking on the gnomes part gave us some cover from their attacks and forced a close quarters combat situation which it seems is this groups speciality. We took some hits but none of them fatal and are recovering now.
I believe that this is just the start of the forest and from here on in it will only get tougher. Here’s hoping we do the same.

Brutus log 4

Managed to get into the forrest. Camped the night and managed to get ambushed by some goblins. Would have been easy to take down, but there were so many of them.

Walking through the forest we thought we were going in the right direction but somehow got lost. No idea really how, I was in the back keeping to myself mostly.

Near the end of the day we came across a small pond, looked fairly nice. The Paladin said he wanted to see how deep the water was so I let him use the glowing stone I made a few days ago. He got a good toss in there and the water was so dark we promptly lost the stone. Honestly I was kinda saddened by it since I have had that for a few days and it has come in handy, but I can make another I guess.

Apparently the creatures in the pond didn’t quite like the stone being tossed because we were attacked by some very large frogs. Honestly I think this paladin is going to get us into more trouble than anything else on this journey. They weren’t very strong but they spit out some nasty barbed dart things that really made me weak. We beat them, but barely I feel. I know I was nearly dead.

The Wizard in our group I am kinda taking a liking to. While he always seems to be buried in his study books, when the time is needed he does well in combat and has several tricks up his sleeve. I might be able to have him use his magic with mine next time we get to a large city and…no I really can’t be looking into cons, especially with people I barely know. Think of the family…

Brutus Log 2+3

So back into some sewer delving mostly over the past few hours. Long tunnels and some goofy traps.

Met an interesting Half Orc that is joining us, seems pretty cool for the most part although not too smart at least compared to Tumnus from prison. I waked along a wooden floor that ended up being a trap and he was below the floor where I fell too. He seemed to have been quite drunk the night before and some how stumbled down there.

My glowing rock that I made has come quite handy, found some water depths and what not. Helped identify some empty areas and what has various creatures.

After taking some various beasts we had to kinda climb some cliff sides and what not to get out of the sewers finally. Well it turns out living on a farm didnt make me a very good wall climber. Trees are a bit different.

We managed to get out and wash up in a near by stream. Found some sleep for the night at a traveling caravan, I rented out an entire wagon to myself since I really didnt want to run risk of sleeping next to the half-orc.

In the morning on our way out, apparently into a forrest is where we need to go next, we found some old chap getting beat up by some kids(or at least somewhat younger than I). Remembering the crap I did at the age I figured we should teach them a lesson. I know I could have used a beating or eight by somebody bigger than me to straighten me out.

Now its a nice road off to the forest. Feeling well rested and stronger than when we left, I think some good times are ahead of me with these people.


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