Emanon Out suckers!
Day 1 C.O.C.K
Well, I finally left the old group. They weren’t going anywhere soon, and I am NOT Bleaching yet. Got off the boat and headed straight for the Singing Siren, I couldn’t wait to get some sweet liquid fabulous and Sweaty Pete delivered. Scraped up some coin, met some friendly people, and had an all around good time. My memory gets a bit fuzzy after that but luckily it seems instinct took control. I am under the impression we got in a scuffle as the next thing I know, one of the tall folk that I met up and grouped with was reaching for his hold your breath because this is awesomeHAMMER!! Awww yeah!! One can generally tell a lot about a persons character and judgement by their weapon of choice, and those who fight with hammers are clearly winners. I’m also with a quiet sneaky girl, some crazy book nerd, a sorcerer, and a bow slinger. Woooooo… Next thing I know, we’re walking down a ladder into a sewer after what sounded like a pretty awesome bar fight, we kicked butt of course. Oh! There was also this room with this pissed of urchin guy, I totally stole some goop… wonder if it’s alcoholic? After that it was further down into the sewers. I’ve seen my fair share of waste disposal tracks but seriously, yuck. I think I’ll be picking new flavors out of my teeth for weeks so no Bleaching anytime soon for this girl, hurray? Luckily we escaped for now. I’ll be getting some much needed rest. Tomorrow’s a new day, livin’ large folks. UPDATE: Nope, no rest for the wicked. The sneaky girl, I’ll call her Boom Chicka, woke us up during her watch. Crazay goo every where!! Naturally it got it’s weird gooey face smashed in so all is well. Once we’re out of here I think I will need an extra drink, on Boom Chicka. Wish me luck!
Another adventure, another dollar.

I got tipped off that the Congress of Occupational Commerce Kings was looking for people for a job. I can never turn down a job that offers so much coin. I was surprised to learn that I would be part of a group. Group work has very rarely turned out well for me. I figured this little token I got from C.O.C.K. would bring some trouble with it, so it took about as long as I thought it would to find my companions. The local pub is always the first place to check. A rival group of C.O.C.Ks tried to scare us from our adventure. Let’s just say it we’re still adventuring. The door jockey that felt me up when I came in helped us escape through the sewers before the local guards came. Almost drowning and getting burned by a goop monster is the least of the damage I feel I will take during the journey.

Magical Musings, Arcane Apocrypha, and Other Findings - Part One

Recent events have certainly given me much to reflect upon. I always knew there was a connection between the ancient texts of Vermea and artifacts found south of the Threshold. But after months of research, I can safely say my findings are sound. If this does not secure me a place among the Scholars, nothing will.

It will potentially be quite a while before I can turn in my research to the Academy, however. I find myself in a rather unpleasant situation. The mysterious, crow-emblazoned emblem led me to place I’d surely never visit otherwise. This watering hole, an extremely apt description, was the gathering place of more than a few fellow adventurers. While steeped in my texts, I overheard other individuals with similar tokens inquiring about their purpose there.

After a rather disruptive meeting in the Luska bar, our band of travelers have set up camp in the sewers below Luska. They seem like a decent enough group, but it may still be too early to arrive at such a conclusion. My curiosity has been piqued by a certain arrow we have
acquired. I would very much like to study its runes and design in order to discern any sort of hint as to this already arduous task.

Hopefully this job does not take up too much more of my time. The reward could certainly fund many more of my theses, but for now I will begin the analysis of some new, albeit rather damp, texts. My studies continue!

ellem day 1

Ellem CloudburstI finally pulled in to port. Ready to stretch my legs and feel the land beneath me again I started off toward the tavern. In the commotion on the docks I noticed a would be pick pocket making his way to me. I let him think that he had his mark fooled but at the last second I snatched his arm and drew my dagger mostly to frighten him. in the end I gave the poor kid a silver in hopes that he would find a full belly and a new lesson in life.

At the inn I met my associates which at first seemed more like a farce. A drunk gnome, a godly paladin, and a spell slinger who was lost in his book. as we spoke a group of would be tough guys tried to dis wade us from what we were already contractually obligated to do. with the help a thief who appeared from nowhere and a man who claimed to have the blood of dragons running through his veins we were easily more than a match for them. Then it was in to the sewers for a quick escape.

After navigating an almost endless maze of twists and turns and a few scuffles with its denizens we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. That could have also been me nearly drowning, but thankfully the godly one was able to fish me out. That brings me here. Its damp and smells of swill but at least I’m alive and able to put pen to paper and hopefully able to gleam some lessons from today. Like how to swim a little better.
Ellem Cloudburst

Brutus Journal Entry

Out of prison for a month now. Family was nice enough to let me stay with them for a bit but I could see the disappointment in their faces still. Headed off to find some work and hopefully make them a bit more proud of me. Found a group called Congress of Occupatiol Commerce Kings (I am just going to call them Cock for now) that was looking for some people to help recover some sort of gem. Since I had experience in this before (and this time its legit!) I figured I would inquiry about it. They paid me a good chunk of gold up front to help out, told me to get on a boat and head off to some city and meet others at a tavern. As soon as I said Yes they shoved me out on my way. No time to gather extra supplies, send off gold to the family or hell even find a card game to double up my gold.

I managed to make it to the tavern fine and with little incident. The tavern was really busy surprisingly. About as busy as the Tough Tavern back home. I found a card game, but it was pretty low stakes so I didn’t put much effort into it, good way to pass the time if anything.

While waiting for some signs of the other hired team mates I noticed a small scuffle about to start. Listening into the conversation it appeared the people about to be attacked were to be the rest of my team and the others happened to be ANOTHER team hired to find the same gem thing. Looks like this is more than just a quest, its now a race. Well they started the fight and we finished it, but had to be rushed out pretty fast since they didn’t appear to take kindly to bar fights. (I kinda miss that about Tough Tavern back in Capitol City). We had to get through some sewers and are now hiding out in some sort of building for the night before we set off elsewhere.

I just hope that we can get this done quickly, because I know this isn’t going to be easy.

Journal entry, day 1
Arthas' Journal day 1

I arrived in Luska today. C.O.C.K have been fairly generous in their offer to help. I am donating the proceeds as I see fit, as long as they hold up their end of the deal. I believe I may find answers while adventuring in this dark continent as well. The light is in stark absence in this land. It troubles me so. If I were not on this mission I would help cleanse this land. Other matters are more important.

The fellows I am on this venture are an interesting sort. The gnome seems like an amicable sort, if a bit off in the head. I think I may have to help her stay on the good path from time to time. There is a Magus of sorts. He keeps to himself mostly and plants his nose firmly between pages of his book. While in combat no less! He reminds me a bit of Jaina. Always learning, never far from a book. I’ll make sure he doesn’t delve too deeply into forbidden knowledge. The ranger seems trustworthy. Well as much as you can trust a ranger. Leaves on the wind those sort.

The ones I feel I will have to keep my eyes one are this roguish looking lass and the sorcerer. I know a thief when I see one, and I will have to keep her on the strait path while traveling with me. The sorcerer… I don’t trust their kind. Not learning their craft but naturally having magic in them seems dangerous. When will they know the line and not to cross it. He has already altered his body. He can turn his hands into monstrous claws. One step from coercing with deamons that is.

Arrival at Luska!
or, if you prefer, Great and Refined Sewers of the World!

Our heroes arrived in Luska, anxious to meet their fellow adventurers and retrieve a reportedly missing asset for the benefit of their new employers. Luska, busy and bustling trade town that it is, offered many challenges to our fellows mere moments after stepping onto the docks for the first time. Having found out, in short order, that they were not the only sellswords hoping to pocket easy coin by returning this missing item, they were “forced” to dispatch a competing mercenary company in a very public tavern. As newly minted criminals in a foreign land, and with Guild Guards and competing mercenaries hot on their trail, our heroes have taken to the city sewers in flight, hoping to emerge outside the city walls, wither their hides and anonymity still intact.

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