Brutus log 4

Managed to get into the forrest. Camped the night and managed to get ambushed by some goblins. Would have been easy to take down, but there were so many of them.

Walking through the forest we thought we were going in the right direction but somehow got lost. No idea really how, I was in the back keeping to myself mostly.

Near the end of the day we came across a small pond, looked fairly nice. The Paladin said he wanted to see how deep the water was so I let him use the glowing stone I made a few days ago. He got a good toss in there and the water was so dark we promptly lost the stone. Honestly I was kinda saddened by it since I have had that for a few days and it has come in handy, but I can make another I guess.

Apparently the creatures in the pond didn’t quite like the stone being tossed because we were attacked by some very large frogs. Honestly I think this paladin is going to get us into more trouble than anything else on this journey. They weren’t very strong but they spit out some nasty barbed dart things that really made me weak. We beat them, but barely I feel. I know I was nearly dead.

The Wizard in our group I am kinda taking a liking to. While he always seems to be buried in his study books, when the time is needed he does well in combat and has several tricks up his sleeve. I might be able to have him use his magic with mine next time we get to a large city and…no I really can’t be looking into cons, especially with people I barely know. Think of the family…

Brutus Log 2+3

So back into some sewer delving mostly over the past few hours. Long tunnels and some goofy traps.

Met an interesting Half Orc that is joining us, seems pretty cool for the most part although not too smart at least compared to Tumnus from prison. I waked along a wooden floor that ended up being a trap and he was below the floor where I fell too. He seemed to have been quite drunk the night before and some how stumbled down there.

My glowing rock that I made has come quite handy, found some water depths and what not. Helped identify some empty areas and what has various creatures.

After taking some various beasts we had to kinda climb some cliff sides and what not to get out of the sewers finally. Well it turns out living on a farm didnt make me a very good wall climber. Trees are a bit different.

We managed to get out and wash up in a near by stream. Found some sleep for the night at a traveling caravan, I rented out an entire wagon to myself since I really didnt want to run risk of sleeping next to the half-orc.

In the morning on our way out, apparently into a forrest is where we need to go next, we found some old chap getting beat up by some kids(or at least somewhat younger than I). Remembering the crap I did at the age I figured we should teach them a lesson. I know I could have used a beating or eight by somebody bigger than me to straighten me out.

Now its a nice road off to the forest. Feeling well rested and stronger than when we left, I think some good times are ahead of me with these people.

Shoe laces are the devil

Karsa remembers walking through stinky puddle, and then CRUSHING sticky goo creature. After that there was more walking, and then daylight. Where two people fell down cliff and hurt face. BWaaaaHAAhaaaaHaa! Karsa laughing right now. Some more walking, and then camp. Karsa was tired from being such a beast and saving group. After morning came Karsa FINALLY not tired anymore Karsa found a spring and cleaned in places so dirty… well he just leave it at that. Suddenly more walking, and then a small market of tiny people with shiny things, and as much strong drink as Karsa could drink! When Karsa awoke to fighting he was mad! So he charged in swinging at everything! Killing one man he continued on to the next in line, but suddenly he tripped on his shoe lace! CURSE YOU SHOE LACE! I WILL MASTER THEE YET! Karsa fell, and slipped underneath stupid ugly child man. The half elf with a bow TOOK the child mans life before Karsa could. Karsa will remember that.Karsa Orlong

Magical Musings, Arcane Apocrypha, and Other Findings - Part Two

This is certainly turning out to be more of an adventure than anything else I’ve experienced. Our jaunt through the Lusca sewers has ended, and I’m quite grateful to have the sun’s light once again, eye strain and all. We did find a new addition to our band in those grimy depths – a half-orc barbarian. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much mind to such a creature, but his combat prowess proved indispensable against the many denizens of the sewers.

I do sometimes worry about my fellow travelers. Maybe it was just everyone’s eagerness to escape the rank halls of the sewers, but rather rudimentary obstacles sometimes prove quite challenging for them. Maybe the Academy’s trials were more important than I originally thought. I always considered the drills in swimming and climbing to be annoying distractions from my pursuit of the more academic areas. Regardless, I thankfully managed to avoid drowning or throwing myself down a cliff.

For now, we have made camp near a trade outpost and taken the opportunity to wash the filth out of pretty much all of our belongings. From there, things became rather eventful once more. Not only did we learn about a sinister individual inquiring about our quest, we intervened in a local matter involving some thugs harassing an old merchant. Things didn’t turn out so well for them. While the others are mostly unskilled in traversing terrain, they are quite talented in combat. While violence is not something I revel in, it is occasionally necessary, and it appears to be something we will to continue to encounter.

It appears our next objective lies on the far side of an imposing forest. Hopefully within it waits some new relics or texts to collect. Our time spent in the sewers weren’t all for naught, though. I did manage to procure some potions that should prove useful. But for now, rest. I am sure many more dangers await, but I welcome the challenge.

The Light again
Its nice out

After some wandering and effort, we made it out of those blighted tunnels. We made it down a small cliff. When I say we I mean all but one didn’t jump face first into the dirt. I healed and made the… Imaginative Sorcerer, comfortable. Based on what I’d seen from him earlier, I think he though he was going to sprout wings and just fly off like a dragon.

Well we found a creek, and after much needed washing and resting, we wandered into a Trade post. Nothing too big and not a whole lot to trade. My little gnomish friend was looking rather sick, so I decided to help her and try and find a healer. We couldn’t find anything that was better then what we could do ourselves and she decided to sleep it off. I prayed for her that night to make a speedy recovery. My prayers were answered and the next day she was right as rain.

We did find out that we needed to go into the woods nearby, that is also where the crystal on an arrow was pointing. A creepy man was looking for adventures like us, with the symbols and all, rumor had. He scared the pack animals, so I can only Imagine he is Necromancer. I have a bad feeling about this. If the company sent a necromancer to help us I may have to investigate them and purge them of the evil they conspire with.

After a brief scuffle to help and old man who was being harassed by some ruffians, I tried to dissuade them and save their lives, some people are just so set in their evil ways. We are about to enter the wood in search of some ruins. The mystery behind our employers and what they seek deepens.


We are finally free. After what seemed like day upon days of trudging through what seemed like the intestines some sort of ungodly beast we are free. We descended a cliff face found water and soon after found a small trading town. One of our party was stricken by an illness and was in the midst of trying to haggle over an antidote when that half orc stumbled in and tried to strong arm the shopkeep. he abruptly closed shop. later in the night the thief and I were looking in to breaking in to the wagon until we heard the sound of him writing. neither of us wanted to kill him so we went on our way and slept. The next day we I walked to the “tavern” to see a group of thugs trying to extort money from a kindly albeit dumbfounded old man. we dispatched the group with only a few minor hiccups and wished the old man well. Soon after that we made our way from the town unwilling to answer questions from whatever passed as the local authority and that is were we find ourselves. Still on the run, still on our quest, but free of that damned endless tunnel of shit and back in my element. The out wild.

Catching up and moving forward
Okay, so we left off in the sewers. Next thing you know I’m chatting up a couple cranky gators and saving the day for anyone who didn’t want to fight off slimy scaly things in a sewer puddle. Yay! After that we encountered a fairly sophisticated trap room. I made it across safe, although I wonder had I eaten more today if things would have ended the same. Then the group (who clearly couldn’t hear me from across the trap, and were left to figure it out without the aid of my cunning) spent some time working out a way to get across. Oh my self, we’ve seen some crazy stuff on this adventure so far, but I was not ready for the group to find a naked half-orc…ew. This dude was pretty helpful though, and ended up pretty much making up for all the work I couldn’t do in a fight that happened shortly afterwards, thank goodness for backup. I’m not sure what it was about the undead kobolds we encountered (gross, right?!) but I could not pull it together, and was grateful for the help even if it was from some creepy tall guy. After we finished that mess it was on to the next trap. Next time I go around in the sewers remind me to bring more booze, I was so sober I couldn’t even walk straight. After several failed attempts on my part to get to the other side we finally had to call in the ninja. A girl can only break her face so many times before it stays that way for good. Luckily little miss stealth made it across the trap and provided us all with safe passage. What someone does with that kind of good fortune is in their own hands though, right? I’m glad you agree because I made a poor choice right after having my butt saved that could have killed us all. It’s not my fault, it’s kind of in my blood (my family were huge on foraging) but we maaaaaay have gotten into a spot of trouble with some mushrooms. There was this cave, see, and in it there were just SO MANY good looking little fungi… what’s a girl to do, just walk away? I had to get some. Luckily the group seemed interested enough to follow me for the most part, and so I wasn’t murdered by the giant blob that awaited me, like I should have been. After expertly dispatching of MR. Squish Pants, we finally sorted out a way out of those damn sewers. I think I had been denied the smell of fresh air for so long, it became a whole new experience all on its own. We set up camp for a while and I enjoyed some of my mushrooms and took a rest. When I woke up I thought for a minute I had forgotten to have my pre-bedtime drink. I was just so tired and awful feeling. This little lady caught some mushroom rot, yuck. Luckily there was a small roaming market nearby so the group took some time to make ourselves more presentable and made our way into ‘town’ to replenish supplies and try and find me some help. In the market my newest bff (Tall, light, and hammer guy) tried his best to help me plea with a merchant for some meds, but to no avail. Upon seeing our frustration, the half-orc (he’s pretty okay… I guess) tried scaring the man out of his goods. The poor little guy packed up and hid, so I decided to go grab a drink and call it a night. The next morning I woke up feeling so good! There’s nothing quite like being ill to make you realize how much you enjoy good health. ON our way out of the market we overheard a small scuffle, and of course, half the group couldn’t help but go check it out. I’m still a bit confused but there was a disagreement between an old man and some thugs, so it had to be broken up. The great thing about getting rest is it makes you so much more battle ready. I kicked butt! …Or maybe face and knee-cap, either way it was awesome. After the fight we had a little chat with gramps and got some intel and neat stuff. Now it’s on to the wild again to try and find this silly orb. I’m sure it can’t get too much worse from here, right? ~Emanon
An orc...

We continued on today threw the sewers. These are old, built upon one another time and again. We got past some lager crocodiles thanks to my new gnomish friend. After ascending the stairs we came upon a trap of sorts. A long wooden plank on a fulcrum. The room smelled funny when we walked upon the trap, and after solving it I understood why. A mostly nude half orc was trapped. We freed him, only reluctantly so. I still don’t quite trust orcs. even halfies like this one. We proceed along, I kept one eye on they halfy as much as I could. We came across undead kobolds in what appeared to be an underground aqueduct. I smote them down like the disgusting undead they were. The orcish brute lived up to his linage and slaughtered quite a few of them. The war must have been hard won, seeing the strength of just a half orc. We shall see if the human half can redeem this one. I hope so, it may prove the orcs may be able to be reasoned with.

day 2 Ellem
No pants no problem

Much like the first day of our journey the second was pretty eventful. We continued down the path that seems to never end. Tunnels, rooms, water and it all smells like shit. I finally got to put some of my nimble actions to work. never thought it would be to juggle a Gnome but at least I could save someone else for a change. it seemed as though that helped us later out as we encountered two very large very angry alligators who for some reason let us pass through their layer in peace. soon after that we came across a stretch of hallway that just didn’t feel right to me. I have set many traps in my day and it was easy to see that this was one. As a group we were able to navigate it and we were even able to free an unlucky and unclothed fellow. all he had with him when he climbed out of the trap was an axe and a shirt. strange as it was he later came in use when we happened in to an aqueduct over pass filled with undead kobalds. Ten sacks of skin and bone shambled toward us in hopes of adding us to the pile of bones they had collected over the years. That axe wielding fellow that we found happened to be of great use in clearing the room. I would say that we would have suffered gravely if not for him. I saw him cut his fair share in half. Amongst the cursed bodies I found a sword that I saw only in books. It is from the people of my mother, an Elvin Curved Blade. A mighty two handed sword that will come of great use and comfort to me I’m sure.


Karsa woke up in dark smelly hole when strange wizard with glowing rock fell down. Karsa was confused at first and swung at little man thinking he took Karsa’s pants. Little man explained to Karsa that he was stuck too! Karsa helped his little buddy and his friends cross the evil trap of tipping, and they rewarded karsa with a blanket and some strong drink. Very strange group. Karsa is confused by the constant throwing of small one with wobbly legs. Perhaps one day Kara can throw him too. It looks like fun! Right about when Karsa was getting bored little wizard man threw rock into big room, and then ran to fetch. Group ATTACKED! Karsa was confused by little wizards response when wizard surrounded by enemies. What mean “Weather sure is nice today”, and “I was an adventure like you once”. Karsa was not distracted for long and was grateful for excuse to crush weird dead things! Karsa was so swept up in battle, and he was so excited he might have went a little overboard, and taken most of the fun himself. After we battle Karsa feel a little better about group, and he will see where things go. Not much else to do.


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