Gorion Watts

Faithful servant of Thrane Morgan


A stooped man with grey hair and pale blue eyes stands before you. His grizzled beard and weathered face showcase the toils of time, but a slight glint to his eyes alludes to a kind heart. Draped in dark grey robes, he leans heavily on his staff, absent-mindedly twirling a medallion that hangs lazily from his neck.


Gorion Watts is the most faithful servant of Thrane Morgan, a now deceased deity of a minor plane. He was the one-time keeper of the Grobani Crystal, a magical phlactery created by Thrane Morgan for the purpose of containing the evil energies of Karevos Malevolence, a dark deity who once threatened multiple planes.

Watts had been carrying the Grobani Crystal and researching a method to purify the vessel, hopefully destroying Malevolence in the process. Watts had heard of a powerful ley line located on a subcontinent south of Varga Prime, and had traveled to the site of the ley line in an attempt to purge the crystal. He had managed to make it part way through the purification ritual, when our party intervened….

Gorion Watts

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