In which Emanon tries to fly

What an interesting time I’ve had. After waking up in our little hut to discover our host had gone, I dug around for supplies. We packed up and left after Maiko tried to recover her weapon that was lost (no luck unfortunately). Our path led us to a ravine with an old bridge, which I of course passed without issue… the others though… oh my. Basically, after I went to the other side Maiko tried and the bridge went down. She made it over using some rope we’d secured, as did Ellem but Karsa and Arthas weren’t quite so… graceful. They fell in and were eventually dragged to safety.

We continued down our path until we discovered what appeared to be a large spider egg sac in a tree. I was NOT dealing with a million baby spiders so Arthas tossed me up there and I lit that sucker on fire. BOOYA! Then out pops Brutus, oh man, my bad. He seemed okay though, and we were very glad to have our party all back together. We continued following our path until we came across a Ziggurat.

I was raiding some of the huts in the area around a kind-of-mote with Meiko and we didn’t turn up a whole lot (other than this awesome rusty shiv, WOOHOO!). We had to cross the water and although there were some stones, I felt that it was time to fly again, so Arthas tried to throw me across. Bad plan. I splashed straight down into the water, and BAM angry lizards. They had us on the ropes for a bit (my plan of getting to shore and just ignoring them seemed to work fairly well, as the others handled things just fine) but in the end they were defeated. With any luck we may happen upon our crystal soon, that will be a good occasion for more drinks.


Classic you. 200xp.

In which Emanon tries to fly
zane74 Parasaur

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