Ellem really did it now

As we broke camp we noticed that our rouge was missing. i found him “napping” under a tree. he was shot in the neck by a dart from what we suspect is a pygmy. We entered the temple with him in tow and came across a room with a pit full of corpses. Treading on the safe side we decided to set them ablaze instead of running in to them as undead. That attracted guards which led us to the the room where the crystal was. We encountered a berserker, a shaman, and a handful of lower guards. Over the abyss i could see our goal. a floating crystal with energy humming around it. Our barbarian started things off well enough. a mighty roar let the enemy know we came for a fight. While the battle started I ducked behind a pillar to ready my skill that i have been training on for some time. I like to call it the Gravity Bow. When i saw my chance i ducked out from behind the pillar and focused on what i thought was the biggest threat. The shaman was summoning some sort of alligator to attack us. I let loose a pair of arrows . One hit causing him to stager. My next volley hit the spot. The first arrow hit him hard. The next arrow sent him to hell. As I moved toward the abyss i could see and fell the temple falling around me. my allies were locked in battle, some fairing better than others. I knew that there was no way for me to cross the gap. The arrow i received was bouncing around my quiver asking to be shot. Our barbarian was down and our rogue was next it seemed.Time was running out and with that i let loose the arrow. it broke through a field protecting the crystal and found its way to the heart of that stone. As it broke the figure near the crystal screamed and a wave of light blinded me. Until i awoke in a dark room with my allies and the dark figure. As he told us the story of what had come to pass and what will be i found myself asking why. Why did he not ask us for help? Why did he not explain the situation? Knowing now that i unleashed a hell on all of our civilization that will kill thousands unless it is stopped makes me want to reconsider my choices. What was done can not be undone though. I must work to fix what is broken. not for me but for all the innocent blood that will be spilt if i do not.


Very good write-up! 200xp!

Ellem really did it now
zane74 ox97

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