Brutus Log 7

After getting the Book we ended up following the directional crystal that lead us into a reptilian temple. Of course on our way the rogue dropped his guard and got knocked out by some pygmies we assume. Thankfully the Ranger found him and we had to drag him around the temple till the poison wore off.

Once inside the temple area We ended up getting attacked by some reptilian stone pillars inside an entry chamber. After a bit of fruitless attacks I ended up asking him to stop and drop his sword in draconic. He seemed to react but got conflicted since the Barbarian was in some rage and couldn’t stop attacking until the foe had fallen. I was slightly saddened since the being could actually obey my orders, he could have been a helpful companion at least through this temple area. After getting some precious stones from the area we found they were actually keys needed for the doors past the entry chamber. The puzzle seemed fairly simple, The god watches you with only one eye at a time, use the gems as replacement for his eye and match the puzzle with what eye he currently is watching you with. One being red, the other white, seemed pretty simple for one to be the sun the other the moon. We put in the sun gem and the doors let us in. I brought the gem back to me just so the doors would close and no one else could follow us.

After getting in we wandered the halls following what seemed like some right pathways. Found some sort of sacrificial pit full of bodies. The room had a horrific stench of death and decay. The bodies were varied from a few days old to months if not longer. We did notice some of them were from adventurers on the same quest as us (Not really sure if that is a good sign or bad).

After setting the bodies on fire to at least let the spirits partially rest we heard some footsteps behind us. I tried to talk with them but they didnt want any of it and attacked. After defeating a few of them one started to run, I didn’t want to waste time and have him alert others so I gave chase. I hit him once with a magic missile but not enough to stop him. We lost him when he dropped down off a bridge into some water. I may be crazy, but not that crazy.

We decided to cross the bridge since that is where our directional guidance stone was pointing. It lead us into a very large theater type room. In there we saw some more reptilian creatures and across a giant chasm and broken bridge we saw the crystal we were after! The reptilian creatures started to attack us. Most of them were humanoid snake like as we have seen already, except one was dressed as some sort of priest and had magic, and another was close to 10 feet tall and looked like a walking crocodile. At this time thankfully the rogue woke up.

We fought them since they attacked first. Ghostly crocs were summoned, the barbarian roared and took on the big one. We damn near lost. In the corner of my eye I saw the ranger fire some arrow at the crystal and destroy it.

Things blew up, everything went dark.

I woke up in a room with the group and an old man talking. I was still a bit groggy but it seemed that the crystal was actually a prison for a god-like being and we ended up unleashing him and chaos across the world. Since we started this, looks like we are going to have to finish it.

Good thing I feel rested, stronger, and wiser. I feel like I could take down a dragon.


Jason, this is fantastic. Excellent, excellent, excellent. 300xp.

Brutus Log 7

nice. i enjoyed it. i’m sorry you didn’t get your pet statue.

Brutus Log 7
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