Brutus log 6

So after getting out from the spiders we walked for a while. Saw an interesting ziggurat that was in a huge magical area, made the wizard and I kinda sick just being in it. After leaving the area we came across an old town. Seemed to be abandoned for ages, probably last time there were dragons and werewolves freely roaming the area. Oddly enough the writing in the area was some ancient draconic that I kinda could read. Exploring the houses the little one found some old weapons and tools, but not useable. I would assume this place has been abandoned for 300 or more years. Following the main road of the area we found a pedestal with a book on it. We got to it after fitting some giant serpents, they had a good rip on me, but I lived thankfully. The book had been wrapped in what looked like some sort of reptile skin and had teeth sealing off the paper edges. Creepy. On the front written in the same ancient draconic like language it was asking for a blood sacrifice, figuring that I have draconic powers and am practically half dragon anyways, I cut my hand and gave it some blood. It opened and we found its a book for Sebekian warrior or something. I think this book might end up being related with why this town is abandoned


Excellent. Like the references. 200xp

Brutus log 6
zane74 Archer1212

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