Season Finale -
Having fought their way through the Myrkwood and gained access to the ruined Ziggurat, our heroes have finally caught up with the mysterious crystal, and dealt with it…. or have they?

Episode 6 – Ruined Ziggurat
Looming ominously out of the forest, this ancient site is seeping and sinking slowly into the swampy grounds on which it resides. What dangers await our heroes within?

Episode 5 – Perils of Nature
Our plucky adventurers encounter many hazards and and hangups as they traipse through the Myrkwood. Giant Spiders? check. Drakes? Check. Drunken Tanuki merchants? Check, check check.

Episode 4 – Enter the Myrkwood
Following the indications of map and crystal, our heroes employ sword and staff, magic and mindpower as they press forward into the dark and foreboding Myrkwood. What new dangers are hidden in the deep shadows and obscured treetops of this place?

Episode 3 – Open skies and Cliff-diving
Our heroes have emerged from the labyrinthine sewers of Luska. After some extreme cliff diving, our would-be adventurers trekked overland, back to civilization, and stopped to rest (and hopefully recover from sickness) at a nearby barterfaire.

Episode 2 – Great Sewers of the World!
Having bloodied a few noses, our heroes have fled to the sewers of Luska to avoid apprehension by the local constabulary. Little do they know the challenges that await within the aquatic workings beneath the Jewel on the Sly.

Episode 1 – Pilot
…..And thus begins our adventure, wherein our intrepid heroes have been hired (nay, contractually obligated!) by the Congress of Occupation Commerce Kings to retrieve (or destroy?!?) a valuable asset that has been lost to them!


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